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Nasu Ropeway

Nasu Ropeway

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At an elevation of 1,915 meters above sea level, Mt. Nasu is the highest mountain in the Nasu Mountain Range.
It also goes by the name of Mt. Chausu or Chausu Peak.
It is an imposing landmark of the Nasu region and the only active volcano in Tochigi Prefecture.
The foot of the mountain extends from Nasu across to Shirakawa to form Nasunogahara, a sizeable plain that continues to support people’s livelihoods.
Mt. Nasu is also part of Nikko National Park, which has a long history of attracting many mountain climbers mainly to see the brilliant greenery of summer and the blazing colors of autumn. In addition to azaleas in spring, the verdure in summer, and the maples in autumn, the summit offers beautiful views of a sea of clouds or the glittering lights at nightfall.

Nasu Ropeway Nasu Ropeway


Autumn leaves of Chausu
First Mt. Chausu mountain climbing